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Foot Pedal

Odin Foot pedals are Heavy Duty and sleek, specially designed to increase the performance and productivity of the transcription process and make the work simple than ever before. Specially, The Flat piano Foot pedal gives you that extra Boost to perform better in terms of quality and quantity. Hope you will give us an opportunity to serve your esteemed concern with our products and dedicated after sales service.

Our Foot Pedal, comes with wide range of Designs and physical structure, it could also be custom made to your software and gives the port options like GamePort, CommPort or USB Port connectivity depending on your requirement.

The product is Associated with Free Player “Transcribe Soft” It supports wide range of audio formats and provides you with all types of user friendly features for better productivity.

All our products come with 2 years of unconditional replacement guarantee for any Mechanical or Technical defects.

We are proud to bring to your kind notice that, we are currently serving more than 200 established Transcription Companies in India, Saudi Arabia and Philippines using our product ever since 2002 with complete satisfaction.

Our Foot Pedal models are as follows:

  1. Flat Piano Foot pedal
  2. Push Button Type Foot Pedal
  3. Ball Top Foot Pedal
Push Button Type Foot Pedal
Ball Top Foot Pedal